A backpack sprayer is a piece of equipment that uses pump action to disperse the liquid or liquid chemicals over a large surface area. They hold more liquid than hand-held sprayers and can be easier to operate because of the ergonomic back support. Backpack sprayers allow for quick and easy chemical application and come in electric and manual pumping options.

What is a Backpack Sprayer Used for?

The most common use of a backpack sprayer is for lawn care and pest control type applications. Backpack sprayers are used to apply fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and many other types of chemicals.

How do Backpack Sprayers Work?

To understand how a backpack sprayer works, knowing its basic components is helpful. In simple terms, this equipment is a hands-free device you wear on your back. This allows you to move while applying fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or water as needed. There are four main components to a backpack sprayer:


Backpack sprayers are made from polyethylene plastic, a durable and chemical-resistant material. UV protection is also provided by polyethylene plastic, which is essential for equipment exposed to substantial sunlight.


The pump moves the liquid from the tank to the nozzle. The valve and seal keep the liquid under pressure until you squeeze the trigger of the wand or the pumping lever, which forces it out of the device.


The wand allows you to spray your target, even in places that would be difficult to reach, such as under a strainer or kitchen counter. The wand's design allows you to safely reach remote or dangerous areas while maintaining a safe level of separation from the user.


The nozzle is perhaps the essential component of a sprayer, as it controls the flow and pattern of spraying fluid. Backpack sprayers come with a variety of nozzles that provide different types of spray, such as adjustable cones, fans, and pin streams.

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